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Tucson Restaurants: Burgers, Cheesecake, Coffee

Burgers and Cheesecake
Now there’s a combination to clog your arteries. But I digress. Zagat recently announced the winners of fast food/best burger and In-n-Out won.  The Cheesecake Factory won for best coffee/full service, best salad/full service, and best service/full service.

This is old news but two more In-n-Outs are coming to Tucson. One at Broadway and Kolb and another at Tangerine/Oracle.  That makes four total, probably the maximum for Tucson.  In-n-Out has the diehards and then the people who went once and don’t know what the fuss is. I’m in between. I like their protein burgers (no bun, uses lettuce as the wrap) and fries (extra crispy) but feel guilty about eating there too often.

As for the Cheesecake Factory, it’s still there at the Tucson Mall (facing Wetmore), according to their website they plan to open two CFs in 2009 but nothing is posted opening within the next two months. 

Closed: Coffee’s On
Coffee’s On isn’t on any more. I had been trying to call for a few weeks and only got a busy signal. Yesterday when I was in Dirty Dawgs, the proprietor told me CO closed about three weeks ago. I don’t think Coffee On ever got its perk on because it had odd hours.  Caffe Diva closed a few weeks ago so Campbell Avenue’s restaurant row is down to Raging Sage (which always has a line) and Coffee X-Change (which also seems to be brewing).

Coming Soon: Donuts
Krispy Kreme left Tucson a few years ago but apparently one franchise is coming back to the Arizona Pavilions in Marana.

Broadway Village Farmers Market
I went to this farmers market today and I was pleasantly surprised how bustling it was. That’s the busiest I have ever seen that retail area. The entire parking lot was full. What was formerly Table Talk was filled with people selling salsa, eggs, baked goods, tea, produce, healthy drinks, sandwiches and tamales plus artsy craftsy things and of course, the ubiquitous bars of natural soap. My friend and I each bought trees to plant. Hers is Meyer lemon and mine, blood orange. BV is located on the SW corner of Broadway/Country Club.

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