Where Local and Global Appetites Collide

World Oceans Day, Eat Sustainable Fish

Today is World Oceans Day.

While eating seafood is a healthy choice, sometimes it’s bad for you and sometimes it’s bad for the ocean.

The NRDC  (Natural Resources Defense Council) has a new consumer guide to healthy and sustainable seafood.

OMG! I shouldn’t be eating tuna. I love tuna, there’s nothing like a crunchy albacore tuna sandwich piled on fresh rye bread.

Here’s tilapia. Buy local. Tilapia imported from China may have had a sex change and our bodies absorb the hormone. Yech.

There are seven general tips to keep in mind when shopping like choosing American fish over imported and wild fish over farmed.

This website is a good resource. Celebrate World Oceans Day by eating artic char, herring, sardines, Pacific halibut, mussels, and oysters.

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