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MacKnitty- IT’S CSA DAY!!!

Yes, I know that you should not use all capitals or punctuate with more than one exclamation mark but how else should I mark the day that will go down in history for the Begay family?

For months, since January when I learned about Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) I would dream about the surprise of vegetables that the CSA would bring.

A CSA is a group of people who pay up front for their produce, a share, to a local farmer. The farmer then uses the money to produce food for that group of people. This allows the farmer to spend less money on trying to sell his product because he already has his customer and the customer can be assured that their produce is organic and locally grown.

The CSA group that I belong to in Tucson is  http://www.tucsoncsa.org/.

I am hoping to take lots of photos of me picking up my produce and blogging about all my goodies this week.

My expected harvest is: Ambrosia Sweet Corn, Armenian Cucumbers, Glendale Gold Onions, Red La Soda Potatoes, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Summer Squash (assorted varieties), Tomatoes (assorted varieties), Wheat Berries.

I know what you are thinking… how can one person be so excited about vegetables?

What can I say, it snuck up on me. Up until a few weeks ago, my daughter was my background on the computer and now…

Farmers Market Haul
Farmers Market Haul

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