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MacKnitty- The Eggplant does not taste like eggs

Izzies first eggplant
Izzies first eggplant

Farmer’s Market on Sunday yielded a nice spread including breakfast stirfry, dates, mint, beets, carrots, peaches, eggs, butter, bok choy ( I guess it’s actually said pak choy) and my big ticket item THE EGGPLANT. Every week I try to get one big ticket item that really identifies the season. Last week it was a watermelon and one time it was sausage (mmm…).

I’ve never had eggplant before and I have a vague memory of me thinking that inside was a yellow yokey mess which would fry up like eggs but taste like a squash. I have no idea where this notion came from but I always looked eggplants with distaste.

It’s an odd looking fruit that is hard to figure out how to cook without knowing what is inside. Is it goopy? Smelly? Hard? Will it be full of seeds? Without google, I wouldn’t know what ‘peel and slice’ meant to do with the thing. This guy was a real help: http://www.ehow.com/video_2336668_peel-eggplant-eggplant-parmesan.html Without his guidance I don’t know what I would have done with this odd fruit.

Here’s how I faired:

Eggplant top chop
Eggplant top chop Peeled that Sucker!

 If only the directions just said: cut and peel it like a cucumber or potato then it would have been so easy.

Are you ready for the surprise? Here’s the rated R version of the eggplant, watch out she’s naked and exposed.

Neither goopy or eggy
Neither goopy or eggy

Another successful plant eaten! It was delicious and mimicked the okra in the eggplant parmesean.


  1. MacKnitty

    I love the outside of an eggplant — that smooth, shiny violet. Of course it has nothing to do what’s inside.

    Bravo to you for exploring.

    I like to get baby eggplants. I think they are less bitter; but I don’t know if they are locally grown. The only place I have found them locally (in Tucson) is 17th Street Market. With the baby eggplants, I slice longwise (do not peel) and toss with olive oil or spray with some oil and put on the grill. When done, drizzle with balsamic vinegar.

    Looking forward to meeting you and Izzie.

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