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Haute Restaurant Design-People’s Choice Awards

You can never tell a book by a cover, but can you tell a restaurant by its design?

In this contest, the food is not as important as the design. Here you can play design critique and vote for some amazing restaurant designs in Calif. (of course), Texas, Colorado, Brazil, and China.

Log on to the America Institute of Architects/Los Angeles and start drooling over these delicious designs.

I love that chandelier at Chaya Downtown. It pops! I found that it was “made from its all these pieces of colorful junk tied string..and it hangs down from the ceiling. The man who created the piece collected random items that washed up on shore in a London beach.” Wow! 

Then there is Kara’s Cupcakes, a tiny pink pearl of a place. And the cupcakes look good enough to eat too.

Start voting. The winners are announced June 26.

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