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Men: How to Choose Healthy Foods at the Grocery Store

The June Men’s Health magazine features “125 Best Foods for Men” while at the grocery store.  Men’s Health editors created the list of ten picks from every section of the supermarket–breads & grains, dairy & deli, frozen foods, packaged foods & snacks, drinks, condiments, spreads, and cooking extras. 

The list was created by comparing the nutrition labels of competing brands in each of the categories. Bonus points were given to products with more protein and fiber and less added sugar and sodium, also taking calories per serving into consideration. Nods also went to the product with the fewest ingredients.

Fat was not penalized since it adds flavor, helps keep hunger at bay, and is part of a healthy diet if it doesn’t lead to excessive calorie intake. After paring down the choices, the best taste determined the picks.

What a great resource for men and women.

You can also compare last year’s healthy list to this year’s healthy list.

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