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Free Samples

Today, I was off of work, so I spent a couple hours of my day looking up free samples.

Since products are based and made for customer satisfaction, numerous companies will mail you a free sample of their product to try before you purchase the full size of it. If you go on websites, there are links to free samples. You do not need to enter any credit card information or anything, just an address and other basic information.

When I did this today, I managed to get free samples that will be sent to me of shampoo, conditioner, tide laundry detergent, platex tampons, dunkin donuts coffee beans, a coupon for free quizons, coupons for free ice cream from baskin robbins, free cologue, and numerous other items. It does take a little bit of time, but everything is free so why not!!!

Here is one website that posts free links….


Torie Nicholas

  1. If they ask for an email, don’t give them your real one – you might get spammed. You could always get a free gmail account and use that one if you need to log in and actually validate an email address to complete the process.

  2. OMG, If you want free samples go to http://www.freesamplefreak.com; that girl has free samples coming out the ying yang! There are coupons, giveaways and all kinds of stuff. It’s all broken down into catagories so you can find exactly what you want to! I love it!
    She also recommends setting up an alernate email account with yahoo, google, etc.

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