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Brain Activity Controlling the Way you Pick Foods

I was researching an article for my online class and came across a very interesting article about brain activity. In the article, they were doing tests on the brain to discover how well people’s intentions lined up to what they actually ate. After breaking the study into three parts of the brain to study, they found out that half the people off the bat really had no intention of eating healthy in the first place. It was also discovered those who had self control over the foods they ate, were in fact eating healthier because the self control was in part of their brain. The  DLPFC region of the brain is the section those who ate healthy were using to self control themselves. On the other hand, the vmPFC  region of the brain was similar in both groups because this part of the brain is used for numerous functions, and does not have an importance on self control.

I was very interested to see how our brain reacts to different foods from this article. I am very interested to find out what more is happening to study the brain currently.


Torie Nicholas

  1. Great article. They mention that their research has implications beyond decision making for healthy food choices — including economics and getting in trouble with the law.

    If you look at people who are successful, they are using self control all the time in their decision making: choosing to study or getting to work on time or pursuing a degree or dressing neatly by simply ironing a shirt vs going out partying, arriving at work late, or anything else that is immediate gratification and does not involve discipline.

    What is puzzling is why some people can have discipline in some areas and not others.

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