Where Local and Global Appetites Collide

MacKnitty: In Defense of the Fridge

In locavore theory: MacKnitty should be buying ALL products locally and the fridge should be filled with few non-local items.

In MacKnitty Locavore truth:  Feel a little guilty that I know I could never live without the wonderful fridge. Where else would I get my ice cold Diet Coke (not local)?

What's so Local about this fridge?
What’s so Local about this fridge?

I am learning about being a locavore daily. I think about where my food comes from every time I eat something. My crisper (that’s a joke because everything I put in their wilts) and my fruit bowl are fuller at the beginning of the week and sparse at the end of the week so I must be doing something right.

But there are several areas that I still need to work on like the juice area.
My baby drinks apple and grape juice daily. I know that she should really only be on milk and water but somehow I did what I swore I would never do as a mother. Sometimes I give her an Oreo or two (not local), sometimes she gets a lick or two of an ice cream cone (not local) and sometimes she goes to Target with no shoes on like a little reservation girl.
BUT sometimes she doesn’t get those things and her lunch is an heirloom salad with tomatoes, Gatorade and yogurt. Or her dessert is a slice of an orange or sometimes she wears her Turquoise Crocs to the Farmer’s Market. On those days I really try to search for some local juice for her drink and they are rare, other than the occasional Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice or Grapfruit, neither of which sit well with her milk. One time I made the fatal mistake and now the car seat still smells like milk vomit.
Other than that on a weekly basis- I go to the Farmer’s Market on Sunday and make my menus based on what I am to find there. Some weeks I have 180 bucks for groceries so I can go to Whole Foods and/or Trader’s. Some weeks I have only 130 bucks so I have to go to Albertson’s or Wal-Mart neighborhood market (gasp! I know, I am ashamed. BUT I BRING MY OWN BAG).

 My fridge may never be empty of juices, creamer and Diet Coke but we are making all decisions wisely. Like our milk, we only buy Organic Shamrock Farms because the farm is in Arizona. We try to buy our juice from the closest source but sometimes my geography isn’t so great- is Arkansas or Illinois closer? Arkansas, I think.

I know that someday I will be buying dairy shares from a local source and that my juice may eventually come from a juicer from the Wilcox apples but it’s not this week according to my fridge.

We are getting closer to locavore heaven because my running buddy Earl says, “Is this one of your weird local, organic, vegan foods?” I guess we are walking the talk.


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