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MacKnitty’s Beet Radish?

I’ve been a little (a lot) absent from the blog recently due to AIMS testing and benchmark testing and DIBELS testing and testing…. blah..blah.

It’s also the final days of school, 6 but who’s counting, the teachers would love to keep their kids year round and we often wonder why there are breaks in the first place (sarcasm).

2 things:

1) We got our invite to the Tucson CSA on Sunday! YAY! I am super excited and hope that I get in.

2) On Sunday, after my daughter’s photo shoot for a local artist (am I becoming a stage mom?) I finally got the the Farmer’s Market at 11AM which is super late for me. I guess it was also super late for the farmers because when I got there, there was little veggies to be had. I ended up with some collard greens, broccoli, spring mix, veggie stir fry and some beets.

(tangent) One thing about eating locally or from a CSA, sometimes you get things that you’ve never seen before in your life. Turns out that in the world of plants there are hundreds, I bet even hundreds of thousands,  of different types of veggies. Or maybe it’s that I’ve never cooked outside of my own little comfort zone but, I had a little difficulty trying to figure out how to cook something like the Kohlrabi or the Collard Green.

But a beet? How hard can a beet be? They are everywhere, if you say beet, people know what you are talking about. It’s not like the Kohlrabi which I got funny looks every store I went to except Whole Foods. (another story, another time)

So back to the beet- I am sure the beet will prove to be no sweat, I mean look at this cute beet.


How harmful?

Wait! This is a radish!
Wait! This is a radish!

I peel the little cutie and it is white inside. Ah man! I got a bunch of radishes. I guess I should have asked when I picked them up. But then I feel like an idiot, “Excuse me farmer but are these beets?”

  “Yeah lady, THOSE are beets. Where have you been?”

Now my whole recipe is ruined. I cut it up and take a bite.

Wait just a minute. These taste beet-y! I think they are beets. How do I know? What if they are not beets?

A quick google reveals that beets come in all different colors, red, yellow, WHITE and even rainbow.

Whew! They are beets.

Sometimes being a locavore has it’s brief fears but it’s mostly DELICIOUS.


  1. Welcome back. I missed your posts. I appreciate your humorous look at the lighter side of food.

    Regarding beets, I’ve heard that you can roast them for some wonderful flavor. I’ve never tried this, but it’s on my list for this summer.

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