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Fun: Celebrating a belated birthday party

Last year I turned one of those BIG OH birthdays. Unfortunately, last year was a crappy year for me so I never really celebrated my birthday in a big way.

My real birthday is May 22.

In late April I decided to have a belated birthday to celebrate last year’s birthday, this year on May 12.

I invited 30 friends (27 showed up) to my favorite wine tasting venue, CataVinos Wine Shoppe. I asked each guest to pay $10 for wine tasting but prior to sitting down and doing a formal tasting, I provided much nosh throughout the store plus more wine.

People nibbled on sushi and shrimp and Italian salami from Costco, fresh raspberries, crustless bread spread with goat cheese mixed with mango-ginger chutney, figs, and a beautiful veggie platter of carrots, sweet yellow tomatoes, purple potatoes, and green snap peas with hummus, and popcorn. 

I was busy plating the food and/or preparing it so I never ate much all day. Upon arrival, Yvonne, the owner of CataVinos poured me a glass of Indaba, a South African chardonnay — divine.

The party began at 6 p.m. and we sat down for our tasting at 7 p.m.

I cannot remember when I laughed so much. I am truly blessed to have such a diverse group of friends. Yes, friends who have touched my life in some way and made it better, the acquaintances were not invited.  My friends come from all walks of life and interests — greyhound adopters, foodies, writers, friends I knew in Calif., friends of friends, the movie group, my Tai Chi teacher, geeks, freaks, and neighbors.

Then I brought out dessert — various bars and rum balls — from Nadine’s Bakery.

The party did have a theme — animals. All the wines tasted during the sit down portion were animals. Let’s see there was Kanu Winery’s chenin blanc. The Kanu is a mythical South African bird of abundance; Arrogant Frog white varietal; Wild Pig chardonnay; Bitch grenache; Zeke’s “dog house” Zin; and Yard Dog red varietal.

People bought wine for themselves (support a local business) and me.

A great time was had by all!

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  1. Before reading about your birthday bash, I made TJ’s potato latkes and heaped their mediterranean style cheese yoghurt & unsweetened applesauce all over ’em. Topped with a teeny pinch of sea salt, I was ready to attend the party with you, albeit virtually.

    As I munched and ummmmmmm’d, I was right there with you and your nice friends. I still remember ‘our’ shared birthday celebration a few years ago when it reached 106 and after a terrific foodfest, we still were able to devour your secret stash of designer chocolates and champagne and we laughed, and laughed… and laughed!

    Happy belated, and happy upcoming to us,

    – Your sin twister, Deni

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