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Healthy Food Blog: Elk Burgers

I had never eaten elk until tonight and now I’m an instant fan.

My friend Kate brought some ground elk meat back from Colorado and wanted me to grill.

Too hot! Instead I decided to make the burgers over the stove because it was too hot to go outside and grill.

First I looked up elk to see if I need to prep the meat or anything profound. I was surprised to learn that elk has 75 percent less fat than lean ground beef.

One recipe suggested adding olive oil to the burgers. I chose to fry the elk burgers in canola oil spray. To the meat, I added a half can of diced green chiles, the end of a bottle of Trader Joe’s chipotle BBQ sauce, and one tablespoon of Trader Joe’s balsamic vinaigrette.

Between the BBQ sauce and the balsamic vinaigrette, the burgers somehow caramelized. Burgers were placed on slices of pumpernickel bread along with mustard and relish.

The elk meat was extremely low fat.  I boiled a bit for my greyhound to sprinkle on her dry dog food. There were no globs of fat in the water like if I boil ground beef or ground turkey.

I will look locally for elk because it was just that good.

  1. Karyn, you hit on something I just had to comment on. I’m surprised you didn’t rave more on the flavor! Elk meat and venison are both low fat and have a lot more flavor than the beef you buy in the stores today. There’s just no comparison. I have to admit, my ex-husband (a bow hunter) did keep us supplied with a steady stream of both. I do miss it (the game).

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