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Recipe: Best Bacon

Before you read this recipe — yes, we are a healthy food blog but we think moderation is the key.

I will probably never make this recipe unless some special friends come to visit and twist my arm.

I never even make bacon unless it’s turkey bacon and I don’t really enjoy it that much.

This recipe and the comments are priceless.  If you make this recipe let me know.  I guess if you’re still wondering what to make for mom’s Mother’s Day brunch, best bacon could be an easy and memorable addition.


  1. I have made a similar appetizer or finger food for parties consisting of 1/2 slices of bacon (center cut only) wrapped around hot dogs cut into 1/3’s and drenched in brown sugar and baked in over until bacon is crispy – about 10-15mins. None of these delectable tidbits is ever left either!

  2. Sharon,
    That sounds really good too. Thanks for sharing.
    I will have to try that the next time I turn my oven on after the summer.
    That would be a reason to turn the damn thing on.
    My oven goes on hiatus from when May through September because it’s simply too hot in Tucson even with A/C to turn on the oven.

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