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Comparing Dog Food and Pate

I love pate although I don’t eat it very often because it’s a bit rich for my digestive juices. Last year I participated in a fundraiser where I made pate and knowing the ingredients — now — gives me great pause. What I particularly found disgusting was the pork caul fat used to line the pate pans.

Picture a glob of pork fat that needed to be separated like a fine hair net. I had nightmares about being caught in this web of pork fat.

But back to dog food…some enterprising person did a blind taste test of pate and dog food and you’ll never guess the outcome. Or will you?

I remember decades ago, when we got our first dog, Sam, and my mother opened up a can of dog food and fainted from the smell. After that Sam ate people food for the rest of his long life.

Nowadays some of the premium dog foods sound really good like Merrick’s Grammy’s Pot Pie. It smells good. It looks good. But, I have never been tempted to actually taste it.

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