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Red Robin… YUM!!

Today was my first experience and Red Robin and i have to say I absolutely loved it! The quote they say Red Robin … YUM is so true! I had a turkey burger. Although it was roughly ten dollars per sandwich, the portions were huge. I had over half my sandwich left. Besides the sandwich, I got a salad. Usually though, they give bottomless fries. Although this gets customers in the door, I do not think this is a good idea. Fries are very unhealthy and I think there should be a healthier option for those wanting something other than fries. Besides the fries though, the food was amazing. My turkey burger was very well seasoned.  So go out and get some red robin….just be careful to not gorge yourself in fries.

Torie Nicholas

  1. you can subsitute the fries for a salad, friut or rice. i eat there all the time. just let the waiter know about your concern for heathly alternitives.

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