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Cake Decorating

I love decorating cakes, but I have never been very great at it. I love to have fun decorating it, but never knew the techniques or preparation. ….until the cake class

I took a cake class not too long ago at JoAnns and I thought it was well worth it. Not only was it relatively cheap, but it was well worth my time. I bought supplies for the class, and the rest I learned from my instructor. Before each class, we had to make a cake so we had the cake already made to decorate. We first practiced and learned the techniques, and then practiced them on the actual cakes. The cakes after each class were very pretty, and got progressively better  over the weeks. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to try this. It was a lot of fun

Torie Nicholas

  1. I totally suck at cake decorating. How much do you think the class helped you? I ask because I think I am helpless and wonder if something like that would even help me!

  2. As a former Wilton Method instructor (which, if I’m not mistaken, is the class that Torie probably took), I can say that that I saw a tremendous change in the students I had the pleasure of teaching. Being shown the tricks and being given hands-on instruction gave all of my students so much confidence and helped them tap their creativity which many of them thought was nil!

  3. I have been decorating cakes for over 20 years. I love taking new classes and learning the new techniques. You will also learn something new no matter how many years you’ve been decorating.

    When I first started, I would charge a flat fee for my time (say $15 for an 1/4 sheet cake (in 1989)) but the customers would buy all the ingredients and/or supplies and the pan, if needed. I would keep the pan and this is how I built my stock of cake pans. I didn’t make much money back then but it all paid off in the long run. I now have over 100 pans and making money. I would also buy pans and materials at Michaels/Joann’s with there 40-50% off coupons or when they are marked down. Check yard sales and you can get some great deals.

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