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I love Salmon, especially in the summer. This fish is very light, but a perfect selection for any dinner. It also has omega 3 fatty acids which are healthy. I have been eating salmon for numerous years of my life, and I knew there were omega fatty acids in it, but I never knew what an omega fatty acid was. So of course I decided to research it..

To my amazement, I found a whole list of what Omega 3 can do for you…

  • Reduce inflammation throughout your body
  • Keep your blood from clotting excessively
  • Maintain the fluidity of your cell membranes
  • lower the amount of lipids (fats such as cholesterol and triglycerides) circulating in the bloodstream
  • decrease platelet aggregation, preventing excessive blood clotting
  • inhibit thickening of the arteries by decreasing endothelial cells’ production of a platelet-derived growth factor (the lining of the arteries is composed of endothelial cells)
  • increase the activity of another chemical derived from endothelial cells (endothelium-derived nitric oxide), which causes arteries to relax and dilate
  • reduce the production of messenger chemicals called cytokines, which are involved in the inflammatory response associated with atherosclerosis
  • reduce the risk of becoming obese and improve the body’s ability to respond to insulin by stimulating the secretion of leptin, a hormone that helps regulate food intake, body weight and metabolism, and is expressed primarily by adipocytes (fat cells)
  • help prevent cancer cell growth
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    Now if you don’t think this is a good enough reason to eat salmon, maybe this recipe will help..

    My mom and I love to cook, and salmon has always been one of my favorite things to cool. Last summer, when I was down visiting my aunt, I even made this dish for her, which she really seemed to enjoy.

    For the salmon, simmer extra virgin olive oil on a pan on the stove. When the pan heats up, add the salmon with the skin side facing down. You will cook the salmon for the majority of the time with the skin side down. On the side exposed, add spices. My favorite mixture to use is with  paprika, Cajun seasoning, lemon, and hot sauce. Simmer the fish on the pan for ten to fifteen minutes depending on the size of the fish. When the salmon is starting to become very light pink (aka. it is almost cooked) flip it over and peel off the skin. The seasoned side will now be facing down on the pan. Put seasoning on the other side as well. After a couple minutes, you can take the fish off the pan and serve. I love this recipe and I hope you can enjoy it too!

    Torie Nicholas

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