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4 Fruits to Add to a Healthy Spring Diet

As we venture further into spring, more and more seasonal fruits are becoming available, and there are a myriad of ways these items can be infused into our daily diets.  From apricots to papayas, seasonal fruits can be a wonderful addition, accompaniment, or ingredient in some of your favorite dishes.  Keep reading to find out more about seasonal fruits that you can rediscover and add to your personal menu.


Apricots are excellent sources of vitamins A and C and are best when almost ripe, so don’t stockpile them.  Velvety skin of apricots should be a deep yellow with a pinkish hue and are best consumed raw at room temperature.  Apricots can be added to salads, used in smoothies, and even go great with your favorite proteins.  Combining apricots with spice is something that you may also want to try.


Another fantastic seasonal fruit is the cherry.  Cherries come in several varieties: red, yellow, and white are the most common.  Red cherries are ripe when they appear deep red, while the white and yellow varieties are ripe when slightly pink, similar to apricots.  Stems on cherries should be green and firm and can be kept for longer periods of time in the refrigerator.  A good source of vitamin C and fiber, cherries are great when consumed raw, in salads, or baked into delicious treats.  Don’t forget to pit cherries before consumption!


Figs are a wonderful source of fiber and can be found ripe in a variety of colors, from green to a deep, almost black color.  Figs are fragrantly sweet and have a variety of uses.  Although most people enjoy their figs raw or in pastries, figs also work well in salads and can help enhance the flavor in cheeses and strong meats.  Traditionally, figs have also accompanied ham as well.  Try out figs this season and see what combinations you find most tasteful.


Many people will tell you that papaya is an acquired taste, but it is one fruit whose health benefits are many and applications are plenty.  Papayas are chock full of vitamins A and C, as well as potassium and fiber.  The juice from papayas can be used as a meat tenderizer and the raw fruit can be consumed, as well as the seeds.  Mix into salads with lime juice or other spice-heavy meats can be quite complementary.

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