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Scent of Chocolate

Here’s an interesting concept called LeWhif, where you don’t actually eat the chocolate but inhale it instead.

Chocolate aromatherapy?

I cannot tell how many whiffs you get from one container?

The chocolate LeWhifs go on sale at the end of April.

Just think of the possibilities — hot dogs, grilled steak, french fries, hot apple pie.

  1. I’ve seen the price as something like 50 bucks for 24 whiffs, slightly more here in France. I don’t like being negative, but it just seems so stupid to me. Why spend money on almost food when you can spend a lot less and have something real like a chocolate pot de creme?

    Didn’t Roald Dahl talk about similar inanities in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

  2. My brother has a friend that has a business Scent Events or something like that. They have all kinds of scents for parties & such. Chocolate is among them. They scented the Charlie at the Chocolate Factory premier. It’s a cool idea for extra ambiance at a party.

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