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MacKnitty strolls the U of A Farmer’s Market

U of A Farmer's Market Haul
U of A Farmer's Market Haul

 Being a teacher is cool on many levels but one of my favorites are breaks when other people are working, like Spring Break ’09! I was able to check out The University of Arizona Farmer’s Market today, where I was pleasantly surprised.

I am never sure about Farmer’s Markets, sometimes they are huge and sometimes they have one or two vendors. This one wasn’t huge but it was the first real time that I was able to chat with a farmer or two. I guess the Sunday one I go to is usually too crowded to have these meaningful conversations.

I met the M&M rancher who grew grass fed beef and cage free chicken eggs. I asked him what kind of feed he gave his chickens (and I knew what I was looking for in an answer). He said they were out the in the yard most of the day so they ate grasses and bugs, some ground feed.

I also met the Local Harvest Marketplace people whose local business recently went down. I just found out about them a few days ago while reading an old Green newsletter and went down to Speedway to check them out but I had missed them by a few days and only came upon a FOR RENT sign. They will however be at The St. Phillips on Sunday so check them out.

Eating produce locally is getting easier and easier by the day.


  1. MacKnitty

    Thanks. I have not been to the UA Farmers Market yet.

    I was trying to get to the Santa Cruz Farmers Market yesterday but that didn’t happen, maybe next week.

    The Santa Cruz Farmers Market is hosted by the Community Food Bank at Speedway and Riverview (west of the Deaf & Blind School) from 3 to 6 p.m.

    Last year I got a huge bag of mint for $2.

  2. It’s open past 5PM? That’s great! I need one for right after work. I’m gonna check that one out next week, stop there on the way home for some yummy greens.

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