Where Local and Global Appetites Collide

MacKnitty-Vegetables… we dont need no stinking vegetables

I had decided a month ago that ideally I would move to a farm in Virginia with local farms in all directions that cater to the locavore but turns out that I don’t have the means or the passion to do so.

Instead, I have to do this in pieces. The process so far has been like this:

1- Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver
2- Try to find basil plant for planting in “the garden” (at this point, my backyard in only used for a dog pooping station)
3- Listening to The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollen
4- Find Community Supported Agriculture group to join, decided on Tucson CSA due to friendly recommendations- they were closed in February so, I put myself onto the summer wait list.
5- Realize that I would be eating way more vegetables than I’m used to and what’s Kohlrabi? This pretty much freaks me out because it’s an investment that I may not be prepared for and what about my family. My husband was once a spina-phobic (fear of spinach?) and I have a hard time choking down cabbage. I am beginning to think that this is one of those crazy ideas that really was just a fad with my family, like the time I told my husband that I was going to stop buying yarn or that we were going to eat everything in the fridge before buying new food or the time I registered for 2 Breadmakers because I was going to make all of our bread for the rest of our lives.
6- Figure out what Kohlrabi is, it is like a sputnik-shaped-turnip-looking-deal that tastes very much like cabbage to me but to my husband it tastes like the broccoli “trunks” and cook it. Turns out I like it.
7- Decide on a plan to introduce my family to in season eating slowly but surely. The plan is to read the CSA planned harvests and look for those items at the St. Phillips Farmers Market for dinner the following week.
8- Buy all fruits from Farmer’s Markets only and from local farms, there is one guy there who brings his “Grannies Garden” from Mexico. That is a little shifty if you ask me. But I have never talked to him so, I can’ not pass judgement. This also meant saying Adios to my bananas, as staple to the Begay diet prior to this endeavor.

Here is the planned menu for the week: Green was listed as a planned harvest for last week or this week from CSA, Red is convenience food.
Asparagus Bowtie Pasta
BBQ chicken
Artichoke and Tortellini Soup (Rachel Ray-EVOO!)
Chicken with Spinach Sweet Potato Salad
Broccoli Baked Mac and Cheese with Baby Heirloom Lettuce Salad

Baby steps: Next time MacKnitty defends her fridge.

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