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Please Put Pesticides on Obama Garden

Here’s an organization that wrote to Michelle Obama asking her to use crop protection (i.e. pesticides) on the White House organic garden.

Apparently, the use of pesticides is a long standing tradition that nobody in big agriculture wants to go away. The cool thing about the Obama administration is they don’t follow the same as, same as rules. You know — it’s about change.

Thank you to the La Vida Locavore blog for posting the letter.

  1. I find it hard to believe that the same President who has authorized the same Bush policies on rendition, Habeas Corpus, and wire tapping, could use change as his theme and it still taken seriously. Fool me once shame on me, making this a pattern-shame on you. I hope he gets all of Monsanto he can tolerate before his children glow in the dark. Actions=message. I’m not meaning to be vicious, just disappointed about the direction of the leading Corporate Democrat.

  2. Jim – are you talking about the current president Obama? The one who had the first Passover sedar at the White House? The one who invited gay parents and their children to join in the White House Easter egg hunt? That person, his family & staff are not remotely like the previous president and administration. It’s only been a few months. Give them time to undo the problems of the past 8 years, not to mention the past 3 or 4 decades.

    And back to the topic of this blog – a presidential family who chooses to plant an organic garden for the benefit of those who dine at the White House should be commended for that step in the right direction.

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