Where Local and Global Appetites Collide

Eegees are local right? MacKnittys family food journey

This should be easy right. Eat local. Piece of cake. Plus, I’m Native (Native American) for crying out loud so it should be “in my blood” along with bow hunting and skinning my own rabbits but turns out somewhere along the way I lost my ability to eat locally and in season.

Being a locavore is hard work, I’m hoping only in the beginning.

Here’s some background on our previous eating habits, by previous I mean a month and a half ago.
At 4:30 AM- MacKnitty runs 3-4 miles
5:30AM- take shower, drink water and Free Trade coffee, check email
6:00AM- husband wakes up and makes some oatmeal (Quaker Instant) and toast (whatever Wal-Mart had on sale)
6:40AM- out the door with lunch (Lunchables? Healthy Choice and maybe some conventional baby carrots), baby, baby snacks (Goldfish, juice, milk, string cheese), school bag, ipod, phone, purse, coffee, water bottle
7:00AM- pick up nanny
7:30AM- Contract time at school, Mondays I have outside duty
7:55AM- Reading groups until 11:00AM
11:00AM- Outside lunch duty
11:30AM- lunch- sometimes left overs, lunchables, Diet Coke, chips, sandwiches, Parent room lunch (carne asada)
12:00PM- Reading groups until 2:30PM
2:30PM- Outside duty for dismissal
2:30PM- Chatting with teachers, prepping lessons, eating out of the snack machine, cleaning my room, checking my email
3:00PM- If no meetings, I head home with the baby, starving on the way so I stop at Eegees for a cheese pretzel “for the baby”
4:00PM- get home, unpack, clean kitchen, prep for cooking, put baby down for nap #2
6:00PM- Serve dinner and hubster comes riding in on his bike
7:00PM- Kitchen clean up and watch the tele
7:30PM- Prep Izzie for bed, last cup of milk, brush the teeth, stories, bedtime kisses
8:00PM- Grown up time, TV or Internet (unless it is Tuesday then it’s no TV night), glass of wine
10:00PM- MacKnittys bedtime, sometimes earlier
Rinse and Repeat.

Most days I would breathe a sign of relief that the day was over and complain about my long day. Then finally resolve that pizza and hot wings would suffice for tonights dinner.

If you think about all the food you ingest in a day, youve got a lot of explaining to do. I am not perfect and I am just in my beginning stages so I am gonna walk you through this experiance of working towards locavorism because you know that all those other locavores out there did not just do it cold turkey or if they did they are super amazing.

We are just a regular Tucson family tring to live better and leave Earth a little better off.


  1. Thanks, it’s the alone time for me. I think about my running group that I head up and my lessons for the week. But mainly I plan, my life, my day and my eating….mmmmm.

  2. Your husband could start with replacing his instant Quaker Oatmeal with raw oatmeal (eat it like cereal, with milk). More fiber, less sugar, and tastes better – honest!

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