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Tips for Fast Food eating

Did you know 4 out of 5 Americans eat fast food everyday…

Fast Food has always been a cheap option, and with our current economy, many people are choosing to eat this type of food. Fast Food is always an affordable option, but it is not the healthiest. There are ways to go to fast food restaurants though, and eat healthier while still on a budget.
Here are a few tips..

  1. Make careful menu selections and pay attention to the descriptions of meals
    This includes fried foods vs. grilled. How they are made…ect
  2. Drink Water
    This is free and does not add calories to your meal. If you do not mind spending the money for a drink, unsweetened ice tea is very good to drink too
  3. Eat your foods plain
    Instead of having a meal with cheeses, mayo, dressings, and sour cream, use salt and pepper to add flavor or a fat free substitute
  4. Special Ordering
    If you want something grilled instead of fried, or a lighter sauce on it, just ask. They are here to help you order
  5. Watch how much you are eating
    Although it may be cheap, eating too much, even if healthy, is a bad thing and be sure to order salads, as a side instead of fries
  6. Be careful of salt
    Fast Food usually is high in salt, so do not use excessive ketchup or salt on foods

Some of these suggestions shoule help you stay healthy at Fast Food restaurants.

Torie Nicholas

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