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Naturally healthier foods

I found a great website that lists naturally good foods for someone to eat. I thought this would be smart for everyone to look at and see exactly how much they eat of these foods.

Naturally raised meat: All of the pork and chicken and more than half of the beef that is served at Chipotle is naturally raised. This means the animals were not given any antibiotics, growth hormones, their feed is all vegetarian with no animal by-products, and they have more space to move around. The animals receive care, rather than chemicals. Not only is meat raised this way healthier, it also tastes better! Most animals raised for meat spend their lives in Concentrated Animal Feed Operations (CAFOs) where they are crowded very closely together, requiring animals to be given antibiotics to keep infection from spreading.
Dairy products with no rBGH: The cheese and sour cream contains no recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) a synthetic hormone that is injected into the cow to artificially increase milk production and which ends up in the milk products that we eat when used.
Using organic produce: Organic foods are grown without synthetic artificial fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides, which not only protects the soil and water quality but also provides us with foods that taste better, have more nutrients, and are free of potentially harmful chemicals.
Produce from local farms: Support organic and sustainable farming methods and purchase produce from local sources, which keeps the food as fresh as possible since it does not travel thousands of miles from the farm to the restaurant.
Zero trans-fats: No trans-fats (hydrogenated oils) in the frying oils. Trans-fats increase blood cholesterol which leads to a higher risk of heart disease (heart attacks, strokes). Recently several major U.S. cities (including New York City and Philadelphia), as well as in the state of California, have banned the use of trans-fats in restaurants.

It says these types of foods are being using in Chipotle, Au Bon Pan and Panera.

Torie Nicholas

  1. I still don’t think people “get it” regarding how bad trans fats are for you. We have a local pie company, Mehaffies’s Pies (http://www.mehaffiespies.com/) that sells pies to restaurants and also to the general public. I’ve never stopped by in the 20 years we’ve lived here, so the other day I had a craving for fruit pies and stopped in.

    When asked about whether their crusts had trans fats, they did not know, but they did let me see a folder they had showing all the ingredients in their pies. There it was — partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.

    I expressed my dismay and the retail clerk said, “We’ll never change our recipe.” We’ll I voted with my feet and walked out without buying anything.

  2. Excellent post, Torie. My family and I shop at the local farmers market every weekend. We also dine at a local restaurant that sources all of it’s food from a local organic farm. It’s important for people to do what they can to support organic efforts in their community!

  3. Great post, Torie. I try to raise my food without any chemicals and also we have our own cow for milk. There’s nothing better than raw milk with all the nutrients not killed by pasteurizing it. We need more people in this country to go that route. like old days….

  4. You should mention something about free-ranged/grass-fed red meat! They don’t eat ANY grain what-so-ever which means that they are even healthier than simply organic meats!

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