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Candy is Dandy in a Recession

This article in the New York Times confirms my theory that people are eating more candy, including myself.

For months now, every time I go into Sunflower Market, I cruise past the bulk bins and shovel in some chocolate covered malt balls or raisins or prepackaged black licorice or candy coated almonds. In Trader Joe’s I bought Jelly-Belly jelly beans based on being fat free. But, in reality who can stop at a few?  Like sugar, they are addictive and spike my blood sugar.

According to the article, people are turning to candy because it’s a small affordable indulgence that makes them feel nostalgic for better times. I can so relate.

What candy is your secret pleasure?

  1. I’ll bet there has been a rise in all comfort foods during these hard economic times – not just candy. Back in 2001 I was an administrative assistant and supported a team of 150 people. Shortly after September 11th I was bombarded with multiple requests to order items like meatloaf, mashed potatoes and chicken pot pie for lunch. By the way, I’ve been craving sour patch water melon slices and lemon heads!

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