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Flavor Forecast: Try Cayenne and Tart Cherry

I came across this website for McCormick, the flavor people and in December 2008, they predicted some vivid new flavorful explosions.

I wonder how many flavor trends are coming to fruition three months into the year?  I get Chinese 5-spice powder and artisan cured pork but the oddball combo of root beer and sesame  (PDF) leaves me perplexed. Each flavor sensation comes with a recipe.

What’s missing is how McCormick comes up with these combinations. Is this some kind of foodie think tank? Can I come next year? I have visions of a whole bunch of chefs and execs sitting around picking out flavors from a hat deciding what might work and what might go away and what could be the runaway sensation of the year.

If you have the inside story, please let us know.

What do you think about these flavor collisions?

  1. I marvel at the creative geniuses that can come up with new, exciting combinations of flavors and food.

    I’ll never forget going on a vacation out West 25 years ago or more and staying at a B&B that had its own gourmet restaurant. That’s where I first tasted rosemary flavored ice cream. It was fabulous. Imagine! Me remembering that taste all these years.

  2. FY,
    I had basil gelato at some restaurant in the Napa Valley years ago and obviously I still remember. It was amazing. I think it might have had some mint too. It is one of my all time favorite desserts.

    There’s a famous restaurant in Tucson that has the signature dessert of a chocolate jalapeno sundae. OMG! Out-of-town guests kick and scream that they don’t want to try it but after they taste it, they want to come back to Tucson and eat there again.

    The chef is Janos Wilder and his restaurants are Janos and JBar. They are under the same roof on the property of the Paloma Westin Hotel.

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