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I have never really been a big fan of Chipotle. I can eat it every once in awhile, but it is just so much food at a time, and I get sick of it easily.

But my friends at college, they all love it. I go in there probably once a week with everyone, and I just sit there when they eat (plus I like saving my money). I know they like it and its college, but the nutrition facts are just horrible.

I found a Chipotle calculator and I think it is very neat to see exactly how much fat/calories/ect. in each ingredient. So check out this website and if your going to Chipotle, don’t put all the toppings on, or it’s going to be over 50 fat grams. Yuck!

Torie Nicholas

  1. Oh, how I miss Chipotle! I’m the same way; I can never finish what I order because it’s just so massive. But what I do eat I love so, so much. There’s a bunch of them back home but none within a reasonable driving distance where I go to school. It’s seriously a problem, because when you have a Chipotle craving hardly anything else will satisfy it…

    Thanks for the calculator, though. I always just kind of wing it when I go, but who knew that the hard tacos were so much better for you? And I thought I was splurging when I got the Barbacoa, but it’s actually the lowest calorie meat! But did you see the salad dressing?! 25g Fat. Killer.

  2. My hubby and I always split one meal and we are completely satisfied. We’ve also switched to having the ingredients on lettuce instead of in a tortilla. Their tortilla’s are always soggy anyway.

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