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Hunger and Unwanted Pets

Hunger seems to be everywhere these days.

Between the increased homelessness and job loss, people seem to be hungrier than ever and then families who once doted on their pets are now unable to care for them as well as themselves. A sad situation, indeed.

Whatever you do — don’t abandon your pets. Take them to a shelter or animal control. We recently had a pit bull puppy abandoned in our neighborhood. The pup was not agressive but was very afraid. He would take food and water but only after I walked away and observed from a safe distance.

He was running around the same few blocks for at least two weeks. I know people were feeding him. He finally surrendered (he was limping) to my neighbor Dan and his dogs. I heard that one of the neighbors cousins was going to adopt him. Hopefully, a happy ending for an unwanted pet.

You can help feed unwanted pets by going to the Animal Rescue website and clicking here, no money needed. It’s sponsor supported and in partnership with Pet Finders, so it’s legit. Pass it on…

  1. I’ve adopted several dogs and a cat from shelters or from people that could no longer keep them. They have all been wonderful pets! Consider an adult dog or cat instead of a puppy or kitten.

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