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Save Money – Buy Reconstituted Orange Juice

Many of you know that I am a big Wall Street Journal fan.  Today, there was an article called “Belt-Tightening Alters Priorities for Orange Juice”.   It said that consumers are more frequently passing up higher-priced fresh orange juice, and instead, choosing reconstituted orange juice to save money. 

I was surprised to learn that the two categories essentially split the sales, although the fresh orange juice (not-from-concentrate) still leads for the last four-week period.

Hold your horses!  Whatever happened to frozen concentrate.  Admittedly, I have not purchased frozen concentrate orange juice for years, but that was because I switched to whole oranges because they are more filling – and we all know that this is an important aspect to the foods we choose to consume when maintaining our ideal weight.

But I had no idea that frozen concentrate, according to the WSJ,  has “long been out of favor with American shoppers , accounting for a mere 3.8 million gallons” compared to total orange juice sales of $51.14 million.

I guess I am just a statistic.

  1. You’re not the only statistic! When I drink orange juice alone, I always go fro fresh. I use frozen concentrate, though, in things like smoothies because it’s already frozen and negates the need for added ice. I still remember having cans upon cans of juices in my mom’s freezer though, and how we would whip up a jug whenever we ran out. Not too bad, if I remember correctly. Plus it was a massive money saver.

  2. I hardly drink oj any more because it spikes your blood sugar like none other. Eating a whole orange is much more advisable.

    I have a can of oj concentrate in my freezer and use a tablespoon here and there to add to sauces or smoothies (I love that idea too) and salad dressings because I don’t always have fresh oranges.

    Spa cooking uses a lot of apple juice concentrate. You only need a little bit for a lot of flavor and it keeps the calories down.

    I looked at my oj concentrate and it’s all oranges but I wonder if some frozen oj has high fructose corn syrup? That could be a deterrent to people.

    I like grapefruit better than oranges anyway except for blood oranges.

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