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St. Patricks Day and Hangovers

For whatever reason, people drink a lot on St. Patrick’s Day. I know I have been there and I’m not even Irish.

Decades ago, my friends and I would go to Tom Bergen’s in Los Angeles and get in line after work (or we left work early). Part of the fun was standing in line as people were very friendly (and I was taller, cuter, and thinner).

St. Patrick’s Day is good for business.

So I know you will imbibe and most likely, you’ll be hung over. You better have a designated driver, that’s for sure.

You could do what I do when I remember to do it, is drink 2 big glasses of water before going to bed. That works wonders as it hydrates the body and the mind.

Or when you wake up, you could do something weird like squeeze the juice of a lemon into a cup of black coffee. If that doesn’t kill you, it will cure you.

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