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Contest: Win Tucson Tamale Company Tamales

Wow!  This is an awesomely generous contest.

The locally-owned and fairly new restaurant called Tucson Tamale Company is offering three different winners, a chance to win a dozen tamales — a month — for life.

First, a word about the tamales — OMG! They are really good and I don’t usually like tamales. What I like about them is — they are not so traditional. Of course, there are the traditional tamales for you dyed-in-the-wool traditionalists.

But for people like me — I go nuts (in a good way) when my tamale tastes like Thanksgiving like it did when you first opened in November 2008 with a some turkey, masa, and cranberry sauce or made with roasted jalapenos and Wisconsin cheese.

Anything with chipotle will tempt my tastebuds too. I can even bring my vegan friends (imagine tamales without lard) along and we’re all happy, which isn’t usually the case.

If you’re reading this and from Los Angeles — think Corn Maiden. The Tucson Tamale Company models tamales after the Corn Maiden but actually beats its own drum and methodology in a very positive way.

Here are the contest rules.

People who have a knack for making videos or delivering mobi style, you’re ahead of the game. For technology-challenged people like me, all we need is a business card.

And best of all, you don’t have to live in Tucson to enter. You can live in dreary Nebraska or dazzling D.C. for that matter…everyone can enter. Think of it as an unofficial Taste of Tucson contest.

Karyn Zoldan

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