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Healthy Food Blog: Got Mercury?

I used to love a good tuna fish sandwich. What’s not to love — rich albacore tuna, finely chopped celery, some mayo, golden currants, and salt & pepper on rye or toasted whole wheat.

However, now I eat them less and less because of the high levels of mercury.

Not all tuna fish is bad for you.

It depends on where the tuna is caught and what kind of fishing method is used. Who among us is that tuned in to tuna?

For instance, longline-caught albacore tuna due to elevated levels of mercury is a no-no. But there are no consumption advisories listed for troll/pole-caught albacore as these gear methods catch younger tuna with lower mercury levels.

Here’s an entire website devoted to mercury and how the Bush Administration tried to push the dangers of mercury poisoning under the rug and how the FDA have downplayed the effects.

(Thanks to Kate K. for sending me the Monterrey Aquarium Sustainable Seafood Watch website. You might check out her Thriftify blog.

Karyn Zoldan

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