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5 hour energy

I am in college and everyone knows college can be crazy at times. I myself do not usually procrastinate, so I never feel the need to stay up all night to study or work on a project. But, I do find a lot of my friends having this problem.

When they need to stay up, they drink lots of coffee, and take energy drinks. I have heard that energy drinks are very bad if someone drinks too much, but I had not heard that much about 5 hour energy.

5 hour energy is like a little shot that is suppose to keep the person up without having a crash afterwards. I have talked to one of my friends, who really enjoys this, and she said it is a lot better than energy drinks, but I figured I should look up information and figure it out for myself.

When I looked up information on 5 hour energy, I did not find bad information. 5 hour energy contains a lot of B6 and B12, which is bad in large quantities. But to my knowledge, most food in large quantities are bad for various reasons. Also, it says it does not produce a crash, and it does not make the drinker feel hyper. The last thing it said, which I thought was very interesting, was that it only contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. So again, the caffeine is not an issue.

I have never tried one of these, and I hope I am never busy enough to need one, but at least if I do need one, I can now drink one with the feeling of not hurting my body, or at least too much.

Torie Nicholas

  1. All I’ve read about 5-hour energy is the same as what you found. It is a healthier alternative. But since it does contain an excess of B-12 and B-6, if you drink more than 2.5 of these a day, you’re risking damage to the nerves in your arms and legs…

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