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Recipe: Spicy Macaroni and Cheese

One of our most searched for phrases is low fat macaroni and cheese.

Lundberg Rice has a spicy macaroni and cheese recipe touting their new nutty brown rice pasta shells. The recipe sounds fabulous and I’m sure it will be on my dining room table within the next month or so. Or perhaps will find its way to a potluck which is probably more appropriate.

A word about this recipe, it could almost be considered low glycemic because of the brown rice pasta vs. regular pasta.

I would substitute 1 percent milk instead of whole milk. I highly doubt that with a pound of cheddar cheese, the fat percentage in the milk is going to matter that much.

Sorry no way to cut the cheese. Perhaps you could do half regular cheddar and half low fat cheddar. Whatever you do — don’t do nonfat cheddar cheese as that would destroy the consistency and probably the cheesy taste we all love.

This is a perfect recipe for Lent too!

If you make spicy macaroni and cheese, come back and tell us how you did so and what calorie corners you cut.

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