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I was wondering what you look for in a recipe. What is your deciding factor to either make the recipe or look for another one?

For instance, I can look at a recipe and decide that I’m not going to make it because it has too many ingredients that I don’t have on hand and am too thrifty to buy especially if I think I’m never going to use them again. Really, how often am I going to use sumac?

Or I can look at a recipe and there will be one thing that turns me off like in this recipe, chicken braised with cinnamon and cloves. The recipe sounds tempting because of the unique combo of flavors but there’s one part of the recipe that is a major turn off — peel and chop 1 1/2 pounds of tomatoes.

I don’t mind chopping tomatoes but why do I have to peel them too?

Do you think I could make this recipe without peeling the tomatoes?

Here’s a recipe I made in October where I circumvented roasting and peeling poblano chiles by calling my favorite restaurant and asking them to do it for me.

  1. Karyn:

    I never peel tomatoes or potatoes. Carrots yes.

    What’s the deciding factor for me about recipes is if I think it’ll taste different than any other recipe I’ve made before. Then I give it serious thought. I try to put all the flavors into my head and test them telepathically. I don’t mind buying an exotic ingredient if it’s not too pricey and will give me a new taste experience. As a matter of fact, I have plenty of sumac on hand. Also garam masala, juniper berries, curry leaves, asafetida, wood ears and walnut oil. Just in case. I like the places you go in pursuit of exotic ingredients.

    I don’t like a lot of fat so I’m always substituting which i’m sure does makes a difference. But, if it works, I come out ahead.

    And cost – I tried crab enchiladas with tomatillo sauce – very yummy but, whoa, it was expensive even with the crab on sale.

    Those are my thoughts on choosing what to make.

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