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Tucson: Downtown Scavenger Hunt

I ran into Julie Ray, Tucson artist and graphic artist, last night as she did a 5-minute Power Point presentation about all the vacant buildings in a 4-square block of downtown Tucson.

Downtown Tucson could be so much more than it is.

The politicos should follow the artists’ lead. Where artists go, so does creative work and living spaces, nightlife, good restaurants (Tucson downtown already has good restaurants but there’s room for more if it were more lively), green spaces, events. Etc.

Julie and her band of merry women artists are doing just that by trying to use the 10 vacant spaces for interactive art venues. Her project is called Pop Up Spaces.

On Sunday March 1 (is it March already?) meet Julie at the downtown Tucson Shot in the Dark Cafe at 121 E. Broadway (lots of free parking on Sunday) for a family friendly and FREE scavenger hunt starting at noon.

Have fun!

  1. From Ward 6 council member Nina Trasoff’s most recent email newsletter:

    Amending the Land Use Code on Parking: How can we make it easier and less expensive for older buildings to be modified for modern use? My goal in this and earlier efforts associated with the Land Use Code is to change our regulatory requirements so that these structures can be open for business, creating jobs, providing goods and services and generating sales tax dollars that we need to provide city services. Mandated parking requirements seem to be the biggest impediment! Modified parking standards will be considered by the Planning Commission next week in hopes we have developed an approach that can relax parking standards without negative impact on adjacent neighborhoods. Our City staff has been working with a group of stakeholders to develop a workable solution that provides flexibility for small businesses while protecting our neighborhoods from encroachment. This is the next of a series of steps we have … and will continue to take trying to make the Land Use Code a document that reflects our priorities and needs in Tucson.

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