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Cafeteria Food during lent

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I go to The University of Toledo and eat almost all my meals at the cafeteria, due to my meal plan. But during Lent, which just recently started, I was afraid of the choices in the cafeteria on Friday’s since I am not allowed to eat meat. But, I am here to tell you I love the University food during lent.

Let’s just say that usually they have pizza, burger, salads, pasta and other choices, but usually nothing fancy or gourmet. But during lent, it is a different story. I walked into the cafeteria last Friday to find out they had sauteed salmon with sauce, grilled asparagus, onion perogies, and roasted potatoes on top of everything else. I was in heaven and like the food so much better!!

I then talked to one of my friends who is a sophomore at Toledo. She told me that they have outstanding food..like fish… during lent all the time. I was excited about this and also found out they have all different kinds of fish, including flounder and shrimp… Yum!!!

Torie Nicholas

  1. My question to the University of Toledo food service is “why don’t they do that all the time!”

    Torie, I challenge you to see if you can make a difference at UT regarding your cafeteria food. If nothing else, you will learn the politics behind decisions that are made.

    Some suggestions to get started are:

    1. Do an informal survey by asking your fellow students if they like the food during Lent better. This will counter any resistance by “management” when they say that only the greasy food sells.
    2. Gather more preliminary information by asking the food service staff why there is such a difference in the quality of the food during Lent. This may give you an “angle” on which to present your proposal for change.
    3. Perhaps get some advice from your counselor on who to contact, and/or other approaches to consider.
    4. Make an appointment with the food service director to share your insight based on #1. Ask them how you can help work with them to achieve a common goal of offering healthier food to create healthier students.

    If you could accomplish this, or at least attempt to make a difference and learn from the experience, I could see it as a very significant accomplishment to communicate on your resume. It shows leadership capabilities not to mention, you would gain a huge understanding of how things work in a large-scale corporate environment.

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