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Noshing Tucson: CataVinos Wine Tasting

My dear friend Rita Connelly, restaurant reviewer, for the Tucson Weekly wrote a good article on CataVinos.

I think I’ll chime in here.

I love CataVinos!

It reminds me of a Cheers bar for wine. There is no snobbery anywhere. Ever!

I recently asked my snow bird friend Kate from Seattle to go with me and she said she didn’t like wine bars because they were generally pretentious. I twisted her arm and we went and she kept mumbling how down to earth CataVinos was.

Another time I went with my neighbor Christina and we were trying to catch up on our lives and two strangers to us and to each other came and sat with us. It was kind of weird but kind of fun at the same time. I guess they were both regulars.

CataVinos seems to have a lot of regulars.  

Another time I went with a friend from out of town and there were no seats except at the end of a large group of boisterous 30-something women. They invited us to join them and we did. They went beyond the tasting and were  buying bottles of wine and passing them around. That was too much fun!

If you don’t know CataVinos is there, you’ll drive right past. It’s on N. Alvernon Way between Glenn and Ft. Lowell (nearer to the latter) on the west side of the street.

As for the pours, they’re 1.5 oz., very generous. After six tastes, I feel satiated, even a little buzzed.

And if you like port and chocolate, CataVinos has this amazing chocolate flavored port called Danielle. It’s like liquid sex.

View the tasting schedule and support your local wine stores.

  1. CataVinos Wine Tasting is like going to a friend’s wine estate and having them pick out all their best wines for you to try. Since I don’t know anyone with a winery, this is my place!

    And as I recall, all their wine is under $15 a bottle too. You’ll walk away with a bottle or two and will surely be back. Try sitting on the patio – it’s lovely.

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