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Quiznos Gives Away One Million Sub Sandwiches

Talk about generosity. This is a true corporate giveway and good publicity!

Don’t wait too long to request your free sub (you need a coupon).

Read the article then request your free sandwich.  As I write there have been 668,465 requests for free subs.

  1. Wow, this is really awesome of Quizno’s. I wonder how well the word has spread other than through the internet?

    I like the other deal they have going on where you can submit a personal hero who you think is making the world a better place. Neat stuff.

  2. Folks in my office in Norfolk VA went to the Quiznos downtown and they would NOT accept the coupon. To add insult to injury, their soda machine was broken too!

  3. Quiznos reached their million mark. No more free subs.

    Carol, that’s a bummer about the Norfolk VA. You should contact corporate Quiznos or a local radio or TV station in Norfolk.

    I was going to sign up for a free sub but then read the privacy statement and they were going to use that contact info for other things, so I decided against it.

    I get enough unwanted email.

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