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Oscar Cocktails

Usually there are some articles about Oscar cocktails but I haven’t found any this year so I’ll make up my own.

For the movie Frost/Nixon — what did politicos drink during that time? Probably scotch and water or scotch and soda or bourbon. Some good hard manly liquor.

For Milk — What about Kaluha and milk or cream? Or whole milk laced with Makers Mark bourbon? Although the movie mentioned Anita Bryant and her disdain for gays, the movie failed to mention the orange juice boycott from gay bars far and wide as well as personal refrigerators. The OJ boycott was successful because Bryant was eventually removed as spokesperson.

Slumdog Millionaire — I did not see the movie yet but all the trailers appear to have a youthful, energetic cast. What about forgetting about the alcohol and drinking chai tea on the rocks or a chai smoothie?

For Benjamin Button — a movie I did not see and don’t want to see because of the length, I’ll say ale. Enough said.

The Reader is another movie I didn’t see. I’ll say gin straight or neat, as they say.

For Doubt, sneak some sherry or brandy in the kitchen or closet. For Rachel’s Getting Married, the lead character was in a 12-step program so stick to Pepsi or Diet Coke.

I did hear from Mr. Hollywood who said Hugh Jackman is a master showman but not a comedian. Ho hum. Waiter, another martini, please.

The Governor’s Ball will continue as usual (it must be recession proof). The dessert is tiered bento boxes. Once again Wolfgang Puck is at the helm.

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