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My new Workout Plan!

I am in college and currently have a very busy schedule. I have class most of the day, then homework, my sorority, and other extracurricular activities. I am very glad I am so busy, but I always find myself working out in a very inconsistent workout schedule, UNTIL RECENTLY…

Now, I wake up early and go work out at 7 before my classes start. This way, everyday I make sure I have enough time to work out and have no excuses later on in the day. This plan has been working out so far very well and I don’t even mind getting up earlier. Besides this, my morning workouts make me feel more energized and ready for the day!!

Torie Nicholas

  1. I like to consider myself a morning person, but since I am most alert in the A.M., I like to do my “work” then — the mental tasks that require concentration. For me, what works is having a schedule. I go to the gym at 4:30 in the afternoon as my official “end of my work day”.

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