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Unofficial Trader Joes Commercial

This video is so clever.  (Click on “serious eats”)


  1. I loved this video because it was very entertaining. I especially enjoyed the use of the Blackberry to film the items in the store and how perfectly well the lyrics went with what was on the screen. It was humorous and emoted the feel of a typical Trader Joe’s store–a easygoing, friendly environment.

    I am not sure if it should be aired as a real commercial because while it is right-on about all aspects of the store, some of those aspects are not complimentary.

    What makes this an “unofficial” commercial? Is that the same as a joke commercial? It wasn’t quite funny enough to be a “skit” but not quite flattering enough to be an effective ad.

    Great blog, btw. I can’t wait to peruse it some more 🙂


  2. What makes it an unofficial commercial? Well, Trader Joe’s didn’t create it; some clever dude with a Blackberry and some video skills did. Also it’s much longer than a regular commercial would be.

    But it’s fun and that is also that counts.

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