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Oscars Party Tips: Oscars Food and Fun

All of Tinsel Town is a buzz with the festivities this Sunday for the 81st Annual Academy Awards.

As for the rest of us, well, every year the show gets more and more boring and loses audience share so who knows.

Since I’m not a sports fan, I am a movie fan. I usually get some inside buzz from Mr. Hollywood but he hasn’t popped in yet but if he shares anything worth passing on — I will share. Maybe.

Movie fans will gather to watch the show and make fun of the musical numbers and crazy attire. Where’s Jule when we need her?

As usual I recommend serving foods that reflect the movies. The problem is that I  haven’t seen all the movies this year, but what the heck — I’ll wing it.

The nominated movies are:

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Unfortunately, I did not see this movie. There is no way I can sit through 2 hours 45 minutes. I don’t care if it’s Brad Pitt or not.

As for food — what about a cake that is frosted and decorated to look like a button? Or better yet, individual cupcakes that are frosted and decorated to resemble buttons? Cute as button cupcakes.

Milk – This movie rocks and is very powerful. I want this movie to WIN!

Got Milk? The movie takes  place in San Francisco. What about warm sourdough bread and fresh seafood cocktail or seafood chowder? Or what about goblets of MILK laced with bourbon to eat with the button cupcakes?

Slumdog Millionaire – I’ve heard hundreds of accolades but I have not seen it. I’ve been told that there are scenes that show cruelty to animals and children/women and I cannot go there now. I believe that this movie will win as the buzz is resounding. Is slumdog the under dog? Perhaps. A long shot winning would be exciting.

As for food, order Indian takeout. That makes it easy. Or you can buy some  packaged lentils and curries and Trader Joe’s naan or make easy lentil curry with cashews and yogurt. Mango chutney spread over room-temperature soft brie served with crackers makes an easy appetizer.

The Reader – I didn’t see this movie either yet, although, it’s on my list. It’s about Nazi Germany and after the war.

German food would be an apt choice. Think bratwurst and German potato salad

Frost / Nixon is the last of the five nominees. I saw this movie and although I thought it well done; it was too long at 2 hours and 30 minutes.  Frank Langella did a heck of job as Nixon but my money is on Sean Penn as Harvey Milk.

As for food, I’m at a loss of what deceiving Republicans from that era ate — maybe crow?

If you’re the dominatrix type, you could walk around with a ruler or whip and pretend you’re a mean old nun from the movie, Doubt. If you’re a fan of Penelope Cruz (and who isn’t?) you could drink some Spanish wine to celebrate her in Vicky-Cristina Barcelona.

For a little excitement, print out a ballot or make your own and ask guests to throw $5 in the pot. The winner takes all.

Hugh Jackman is the host. Is he funny? Yawn. He’s eye candy but he’s no Steve Martin.

Here were my suggestions for Oscars 2008.

  1. Hmmm I’ve never even heard of half those movies. I did see Doubt and although I did 8 years in Catholic school it was just ok. It dragged on in many places and therefore I almost forgot I saw it. I think I’ve seen the Oscars 1 time in my life and never thought about food. Maybe ‘loaves and fishes’ or ‘manna’. Heck with Oscars–it’s Mardi Gras weekend and time to indulge in shrimp etouffee, red beans and rice and King Cake!

  2. When I had an Oscar party one year, I served “movie” food. We had popcorn, big boxes of dots, milk duds, jr. mints & the like. I got big cups for drinks. I also made assorted appetizers. It was fun.

    I wonder if Wofgang is catering it again this year. If so, you could buy his frozen pizzas if you are so inclined!

    Joseph Schmidt in San Francisco has been known to make chocolate oscars at this time of year. yum.

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