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Ode to Cheesecake Momma

Around ten years ago, my friends Deni, Rachel, Chef Annette, and I went to a restaurant and food trade show at the Los Angeles Convention Center. We all had ties to the food world (and still do).

The LA Convention Center is a huge honkin’ sprawl of a building and there were aisles and aisles of all things food samples, food trends, food accessories, spirits, and more. It was an all-you-can-eat-and-drink buffet like none other.

Since we had different interests and moved at varying paces, we got separated and really, it took over an hour to rein us together at the end. I think this was before the proliferation of cell phones.

Finally, when we did gather again all we could talk about was Cheesecake Momma. 

We probably each tasted a minimum of 50 food and drink samples. As our stomachs were squeasy and our eyes glazed from excess, we were still able to wax poetic and brag about Robin, the Cheesecake Momma.

For some weird reason, I just remembered this anecdote.

Karyn Zoldan

  1. Oh yeah…I remember. I went back to the Great Western Food show several years later only to find it no longer had as many individual vendors…just the run of the mill big name manufacturers and distributors. Like Tyson, Pillsbury, Sara Lee et al. Cheesecake Momma was not where in sight….I wonder if she is still in business of perhaps sold her company to some large manufacturer and is still getting golden residuals.

  2. Hey Y’all,
    I’m still here…we are still fabulous…I sold in June, 2008 and am now a “Brand” under the corp title of TE Cakes…I love this blog and appreciate so much your fond memories, it does my heart good to hear this.
    Much love

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