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Romantic Finger Foods

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and if you have not made a dinner reservation, most likely all the good times to dine are taken. You can probably eat at 4 p.m. or 10 p.m. but that’s a drag.

Consider eating in with romantic finger foods. Nothing is worse for romance than a heavy meal that sits on your stomach or makes you feel bloated or tired.

You have already thought of the music and the candles and possibly the table setting.

Since you’re eating with fingers and have no clue where they have been prior to the table, have warm wash cloths at the table. You can heat them in the microwave or wet them with hot-warm water squeezed out well.

My favorite romantic finger food is sushi. Sushi is so available either as a takeout from your favorite restaurant or many grocery stores and some big discount stores like Costco have prepared sushi to go. Buy extra ginger and soy sauce. Those soy sauce packets are messy and not romantic.

Serve sushi with sake, beer served in a wine goblet, or champagne.

Dessert can be chocolate truffles from your favorite chocolate store or grocery store. Just be sure to take them out of the box and place them on a  pretty dessert plate.

If you are going to pop the question, be creative and make it a memorable experience. Buy some fortune cookies and gingerly remove one of the fortunes and substitute with the question you’re popping.

Possible questions are: Will you marry me? Will you be my wife?  Will you be my partner? When can we walk down the aisle together? Do you want to sign a pre-nupt? Have you taken out a life insurance policy in my name?

Dip the fortune cookies in melted chocolate chips for a special effect…or not. Make sure that your intended gets the cookie with the special fortune.

Amour! Amour!

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