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Substitute for Hoisin Sauce for Asian Glazed Salmon

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Salmon was on the menu for last night’s dinner. My husband, Jim, had already pulled it out of the freezer and was defrosting it. I wasn’t really in the mood for it, but since the die was cast, I thought I would try making Asian Glazed Salmon — the sweet glaze that so many restaurants are serving these days that I find so tasty. I’ve never made it before and was ready for the adventure.

I looked in my traditional cook books that I inherited from my mother 30 years ago and struck out. So I went to the Internet and found this recipe for Asian Glazed Salmon

I had all the ingredients (brown sugar, soy sauce, powdered ginger, garlic) except one — hoisin sauce. What on earth is hoisin sauce?

I knew what taste I needed to achieve and ended up substituting a Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce that I had in the cupboard. It is very sweet ,with a touch of heat ,and has the consistency of a thin jam.

It worked out great! No need to buy a jar of something I may never use again in the near term. A great tip for saving money.

By the way, I did look it up and here are the ingredients in Hoisin Sauce — a Chinese BBQ sauce.

  1. Very cleaver Mary. I say berry sauces and dressings go with a lot of things. I’m also fond of putting Rasberry Hazelnut Vinagrette Dressing (WishBone) on chicken.

  2. I love raspberry and chipotle together…sweet and spicy. I think I would’ve added some squirts of fresh lime and maybe lime zest. So that would’ve been a tangy or tart flavor too.

    Hoisin sauce is sometimes called duck sauce.

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