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New salt replacer

There have been recent studies showing that a new mix, potassium lactate and sodium diacetate, will decrease sodium chloride content by 40% in foods. Besdies this helping to lower the salt content in foods, this new mix is shown to help extend shelf life of foods by 40 days. This new mix was tested and formed by Purac, and is a very inovative new thing.

For the actual study of the new mixture, they cooked six different meats and tested them with different levels of sodium chloride.

Besides finding a new mix to replace sodium, Purac informed the public the safety of the mix is very important as well. Some substitutes can be put in place, but they are either not safe, or will alter the taste of the salt.

Purac says salt is necesary for the body and important to eat, but states consumers are eating too much currently. They say an average person consumes 10-12 grams of salt every day, and they consider that number way too high.

Torie Nicholas

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