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See’s Dark Chocolate – a New Found Friend

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I love dark chocolate — only dark chocolate. Milk chocolate does not even tempt me. A while back, I was given a box of See’s assorted dark chocolates. I was thrilled with the gift but some mixed emotions came with it.

I was not familiar with See’s chocolates as I’ve always gotten my chocolate fix from Esther Price Candies, Dayton Ohio’s own local source of rich, delicious dark chocolates. Esther Price is a tough act to follow, but I was up to the challenge of sacrificing myself to the cause of trying something new.

The experience was akin to meeting a person for the first time and checking them out to see if they have what it takes to be a “friend” or a mere “acquaintance”. You know what I mean — are they even-tempered or a little wild; can you count on them to be there for you when times are tough?

My old friend, Esther Price, was comfortable. I knew what to expect — each swirl or ripple told me that it was a chocolate cream or coconut filling.

This new friend, See’s, was completely unpredictable. Is that one going to be chewy or creamy? dark or light filling? with caramel?

It takes me a long time to make friends with people — talk on the phone this week, get together for lunch next month…  Why should it be any different with chocolate, especially since I only eat one piece of chocolate a day to keep the old weight under control.  It took a while for the relationship to develop.

It was quite interesting. I found that I came to look forward to the excitement of not knowing what was in the the unfamiliar swirl or which nut was popping its head through the hard chocolate cover. Many of the cream fillings had totally new flavors that my other friend did not have. I liked the variety.

I’ve since finished the box and discovered a little bit about myself in the process. Familiar is nice, but not as exciting as a little variety from time-to-time. I’ve found a new friend in See’s Dark Chocolate Candies and will invite them over to my house again soon.

  1. What I like about See’s is when you go in there to buy something, they give you a sample…a regular piece of candy that they would put in a custom box.

    My favorite See’s candy is the dark chocolate Bordeaux.

    I used to like their peanut butter lollipops but I think they discontinued that flavor awhile back in lieu of caramel and chocolate. Now I won’t eat anything with peanut butter.

    See’s reminds me of Fannie Farmer’s, same concept.

  2. I just remembered a See’s candy story.

    Decades ago, I would buy myself a box of See’s candy around the holidays. I used to work at a place where we had access to half priced gift certificates.

    This box of candy was my one secret indulgence and would last me a long time. Once a day, I would take a bite of a See’s candy. If I liked the candy I would eat it. If I didn’t like it, I would throw it away. And if I was unsure of my love/hate/lukewarm relationship with it, I would put it back.

    Every day would be a new bite.

    Probably after about two weeks, I would forget about the box and it was pushed back to some obscure part of the cabinet only to be found months later with all these bites taken out of candies.

    One time I had a friend staying with me while her house was being remodeled and she went poking into my cabinets and eyed this box of candy. She was disappointed to find mostly bitten into candy upon opening the box.

  3. Karyn, I’m like you — I bite the piece of candy in half and leave the remains for my husband to clean up. He, on the other hand, is much more considerate. His pieces are neatly cut in two with a knife. Did I mention that he’s an engineer?

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