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Cupcake Recipe!

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I love baking but seem to never have enough time to bake between school, homework, and my organizations on campus.
So when I need to bake something, I usually use boxed goods simply because it is quicker.
This weekend, I am baking cupcakes for my sorority. I am going to use Pillsbury Classic White cupcake and cake mix. This makes things very easy and keeps it at a low cost.
The basic recipe on the box calls for water, oil and eggs. Once this is prepared with all the ingredients suggested, 1/12 of the package is roughly 12 grams of fat.
There are a few things you can alter in this recipe to make the cupcakes healthier. First, one suggestion, given on the back suggests for egg whites only, instead of using the whole egg, making it healthier.
But if you want to take the eggs one step further to make them healthier, you can buy powder in the baking section at grocery stores that is egg white substitute. This can be used in baking and makes the cupcakes healthier than using actual eggs.
Next, you can substitute the oil for applesauce. I like this for two reasons. First, it makes it healthier, with less cholesterol and fat, but it also makes the cupcakes extra moist!
Now, why wouldn’t you always do this to make cupcakes. They still taste amazing, with just less fat, allowing you to take an extra treat every once in awhile. Enjoy!!

Torie Nicholas

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